A unique attraction in london- Kohinoor Diamond

Published: 04th November 2010
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Kohinoor Diamond is housed in the Tower of London and is taken out only on rare occasions for public viewing. Many intriguing legends are associated with the origin of this precious gem.

When it comes to attractions, London simply leaves you spoilt for choices. There are many things to do and see in London. But, if you want to have a taste of something unique, you must visit the Tower of London where the precious Kohinoor diamond is kept. Also referred to as the ‘mountain of light’, this precious gem adorns crown of the British Queens.

Origins of Kohinoor Diamond
There are countless legends surrounding this treasured stone. Once counted among the biggest diamonds in the world, Koh-i-Noor’s origin is still shrouded in mystery. Most stories, though, hint at its association with violence and curse. Some believe that this regal diamond was discovered in Kollur Mines located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The findings trace its roots to 16th century.

If you go by Indian mythology, the diamond is said to have appeared about thousands of years ago. However, as per its creation is concerned, opinions still stand divided. Some opine that gods made this stone; while others believe it was discovered in the Godavari River.

History of Kohinoor Diamond

Going by historical records, it can be said Kohinoor belonged to the Mughal Emperors in India. The diamond had several owners, before it finally came into the possession of the British East India Company. They gifted it to Queen Victoria. One of the most precious items plundered from India by the British, Kohinoor diamond continues to be a part of constant debate and negotiations so that it finally returns to its homeland.

Some views suggest that the diamond cutters in India were keen on maintaining its size than on any other elements. Due to this, it could not attract the folks as well as the Crown when it was transported to England. Prince Albert gave an order to recut and to reshape it into a 105 carat brilliant piece. After transformation, the diamond’s size reduced by 40%, but its beauty was enhanced by manifolds.

Glimpses of Kohinoor Diamond

Presently, the much talked about rose-tinted gem is housed in the Tower of London along with other royal objects. It is taken out only on rare occasions for public viewing. If you want to see this brilliant piece surrounded by intriguing stories and legends, do plan a visit to Tower of London.

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